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Welcome to the page where you can find out everything about tours! "Tour" is probably the most often found word in tourist industry. Probably you heard such expressions, as: "A last­minute tour or a hot trip" and "individual tour" more than once. In this article we will acquaint you with term "tour" and what differences in tours exist in detail. Our company offers a number of the interesting and constantly updated tours from our tour operators. In this section you can study offers of ready the tours, and also send the demand for preparation of the individual tour. So, what is "tour"? Tour is a complex of tourist services for your most comfortable rest. Among such services are: ● flight; ● accommodation; ● the organization of transport on a place; ● the organization of excursions and other services depending on the vacationer's wishes. Generally, tour is the organization of your rest from A to Z before your arrival in the vacation spot. On a place, you will only need to show documents and tickets. There are some different types of tours. Standard tour. It is a tour which contains a tourist package from your tour operator. This package is prepared not by you independently but by the person working in travel agency. Standard tour already includes medical insurance, a transfer from the airport to your hotel and other places, certain suit in hotel, a place in the plane in both sides (usually econom). There is a number of additional expences: airline fuel fee, a visa fee, additional medical insurance, perhaps festive dinners. 2) Individual tour. It is clear from the name that this tour prepares under certain inquiries of the tourist or all the groupe of the tourists. All above­mentioned points are discussed in an individual order and after some time the offer is getting ready be touroperators in compliance with your wishes. For example, you can order in addition to usual services the personal guide or organize lunches and dinners at various restaurants of the city. It is impossible to call such tour economical. Most often it is ordered by newlyweds and businessmen. 3) Last­minute tours. It is a ready tourist package which for some reason wasn't sold in the fixed terms and therefore has a chance to yield losses to the tour­operator. Therefore to minimize losses, tour agency reduces cost as much as possible to attract buyers to order a tour. Tour becomes "burning" not earlier than 10 days prior to the day of departure therefore to buy such tour beforehand impossible. Sometimes happens that in 2­3 days prior to a departure cost decreases even more. Surely this tour inclused: flight in both sides, accommodation, the health insurance and a transfer. In end we want tot say that everyone defines priority for himself: cost of a tour or comfort. Anyway, it isn't necessary to lay trip aside. You will get many unforgettable impressions anyway! Our site has convenient system of search of tours! Use it, it is simple!