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Nowadays, to book an air tickets and hotels online ­ very widespread service, but not everyone risks to give theirmoney to the online system, being afraid of deception, a dirty trick and banal failure in the system. Practically every second person feels safe to come to the airport and get ticket there. In this article we want to tell you about booking system on our web site so you will know ho it works. It is important to tell that if you once thought to book tickets tonline, but it seemed to you vrey difficult adn hard o understand ­ is not so. Already today systems are developed so that everyone who has an access to the Internet can make quick and easy purchase of the ticket or book a hotel accommodation. N.B. Except connection to the Internet it is also necessary to have the operating email adress (and be sure you remember the password) and a payment / credit card with enough money for booking. Let's go straight to business! On the main page of our website you can see a big orange window (boxing). There are three tabs in the window: Hotels, Flights, Blog. To start working it is necessary to know that we need to book ­ the air ticket or a hotel accommodation. For example, we need an air ticket! For this purpose we need to press “Flights” tab in the boxing and wait for page to load. Start filling necessary information after that. These information includes: ● Origin (a place from where you plan to take off). ● Destination (a place where you need to arrive). ● Departure date ­ a date choice when you need to be already in the city of appointment, but not date of your leaving (the system will count it automatically). ● Return date ­ a date choice when you need to take off from the city. ● Number of passengers (from 1 to 9). There are three categories of passengers: Adults; Children (from 2 to 12 years); Infants (till 2 y.o.). ● Class: economy class or business. ● In the same orange boxing you can see additional options: ● "+/­3 days" ­ This option gives you the chance to track possible flights three days before the date of arrival and three days after date of arrival specified by you. Cost on flight along the same route different every day. So, you will be able to see as cost for this period varies and to choose the cheapest flight from offered if there is such opportunity. ● "One way" ­ Having choosen this option, search will show the results of the ticket price only for one way. We want to notice that preliminary booking of return tickets is usually much cheaper than purchase of the ticket only "There". ● "To find hotels" ­ having exposed a tick on this option search will show options with booking of hotels in the city of arrival. ● Having filled all parameters in, the only thing that remains to you is to press “Find”. The following stage is to choose the most suitable airline from the offered list. Very important point ­ to choose currency (top right option). We want to pay your attention to the option "Low Prices Calendar". This option is presented absolutely at all booking systems and usually is over the first search result. Having pressed this button, you will be able to see the schedule of similar flights to the next dates which will vary at cost, so you quickly learn in what day most favourably to fly. When you decided on airline, all you need to do is to press”Book now” button. Don't worry, having pressed this button your money won't disappear from your account. Then you will be redirected on the website where it will be necessary to enter all data of the passenger of the plane for booking. There is a difference between "Data of the passenger" and "Data of the buyer". You can pay to the friend or the relative a plane ticket and then you will be a buyer, but data in boxing "Data of the passenger" have to be on the person to whom you bought this ticket. Among data which needs to be entered: a surname, a name (which have to coincide with your passport), a gender, date of birth, etc. Buyer information: email adress, a surname, a name, a country code (Ukraine 380; Russia, Kazakhstan 7; Belarus 375; Poland 48; Hungary 36 and so on), phone number. Further, it is necessary to examine and choose terms of payment. In the same window, you will see to data and time it is necessary to make payment. You will choose an option is most convenient to you to payt: Cash card, Bank transfer, Webmoney. Having pressed the “Proceed” button the letter with electronic ticket where your personal code will be specified will come on the email adress (which you specified) within several minutes. All that is necessary is to print it and at the airport to show together with the passport to exchange it for the real ticket. That's all! Remember ­ to book tickets online is absolutely safe!