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What information we need to know about you

We do not collect any information about people under age of 18, but if we find that some records relate to a minor, we will remove this data from our database ASAP. This chapter describes only our data policy; you buy travel services from other companies, working with other websites, so they may have slightly different regulations.


We can set our own cookie file in your browser. Cookie allows us to specify: Is this is your first visit or not, and If you have already visited our site, either directly or using a link or search box published by our partners. Search history: mode of origin, designation and dates. Google Analytics system is used to track. It can set cookie files on your browser in accordance with the privacy policy of Google.

E­mail notification

You may want to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about low prices; we need your working e­mail address for this purpose. You can unsubscribe when you want, and you will not receive messages/letters from us anymore. Unless it is a very important information that influences your rights as a consumer or reports something that needs your attention.

Social Networks

If you press "Like" / "Share" / "+1" in social networks, we can get your name. However, we do not use it (honestly) and ignore this fact.

Disclosed information about you

We do not disclose info that may identify you, except for the requirements of the law (ie, by court order or law enforcement). Even in this case, we will be able to open only the information is clearly described above. We can generate a variety of reports from the data that do not contain information that identifies you (for example, to calculate the capacity of ticket sales, we only need a list of ticket prices, but not the names of buyers).

Information we dont need to know about you

Personal information
We do not need and, therefore, we do not keep next information about you: your personal name, age, email address (if you have not signed up for our e­newsletter or created an account on our website), telephone number, passport number, home address etc. Much of the information in our systems are anonymous, which means that we can not even pick up the records to specific individuals, if they dont have an account in our system. If this case occure, we treat this information with all respect.
Order and payment
Since you are paying online to the travel agencies, airlines and hotels directly, we do not have information about your order, including, but not limited: information on the purchased ticket, paid cost, credit card numbers, etc.


At the tome of writing these article, your data is in the European Union, but we reserve the right to move it outside the EU. This decision is determined only by the technical ease and speed of access to data to ensure that the operation speed of our website is good. You can use our site without cookies, if you're worried about privacy. If you want to log into your account, you will need to enable your browser cookies.


This fact is constantly expanding to reflect our last developments. We have a right to change it any time. Anyway, to book tickets and suits from our website is absolutelly safe. Also it very easy and fast. You dont need to spend much time on serch for suitable suit or ticket. We have a big database, so all infornation was gathered together in one place.